Color Palettes and resource tools

 It is important to know what colors work and will not be in the printing range for your printer. I highly recommend ordering swatches of your designs before ordering yardage from any print on demand service.
Here is a link to download the Spoonflower color palettes:
Color discussions:
Here is a site dedicated to color:

Below, a fusionwear sv image submission by Matthew  Ebisu is taken into this software and  I selected five colors from the available palette range. You can see my selection of five colors in the bottom row. The color palette to the right is generated by Photocopa.  I will be using this tool to define the color palettes of the digital textiles I am crating for the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles. This is one more way to integrate publicly submitted images of Silicon Valley into the textile designs.
This has a very clean interface and the website has many forums, links and tools relating to color palettes...a very useful resource for any designer.Photocopa
spoonflower color guide